• Jane Williams

What makes a life?

I wonder... is there a sense of loss for what made your life?

Of how it was?

A life is made of many pieces, places, people.

Feelings, memories, routines, meanings.

Were we sometimes walking through it unconsciously?


Often thinking of the next thing on the list?

And now all is changed.

Or perhaps not all.

Perhaps there's an uncovering.

A simplifying.

A realisation of what was here all along, when you were so busy.

Small moments more aware now there is more time to think.

A time to take stock?

A time to reflect on what is important to you?

The world has changed- how can we change too?

How much am I my life?

What of me is what I do?

Can I be me

Or we be us in this new and different time and space?

Do we begin to uncover that it never was just 'I'?

That we are one?

That we might all need and want the same things?

Safety, purpose, connection, community, love?

Can we, will we, remember this when we have moved through and beyond?

If we can adapt and change, can we shape the world as we would hope it can be?

Your answers to these questions are within you

With the time and space to listen.

Jane Williams, April 2020.

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